Friday, May 15, 2009

Aquarium Water Pump Information from our Wiki

Aquarium water pumps are available in submersible or external versions in numerous different sizes. Aquarium water pumps are used for the main return pump from a sump, to create water movement inside an aquarium, and to pump water to various filters.

Submersible aquarium water pumps are available in smaller sizes and up to larger versions that can be used as the main return pump.

External water pumps are mainly used as the main return pump from the sump to the aquarium or used on a closed loop for water circulation.

External water pumps are highly recommended by Custom Aquatic to be used as the main return pump instead of submersible water pumps. External water pumps will not put as much heat back into the aquarium system as a submersible pump will.

With all the different types of aquarium water pumps available, how do you know what which type is right for your aquarium? Custom Aquatic highly recommends that you consult one of our technical experts if you are unsure about selecting the proper water pump for your system.

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